• Can be done in any position
• The best position is lying on the back, (corpse pose) pillow under the knees,
feet a little apart, hands palms up and a little away from your body.
• Breathe into each part. As you inhale, connect with each part. As you exhale, invite each    part to relax.
  • feet, calves, knees, thighs

  • abdomen, solar plexus (directly under your ribcage),
    chest, throat
  • full length of your spine, back of your head
  • hands, forearms, upper arms
  • jaw, eyes, scalp
• Sense your body as a whole.
• With each natural exhalation, continue to relax.
• Relax for 3 - 20 minutes.

For Optimal Results:

• Take up the position with ease (an easy stretch ).
• Sense which muscles need to work more and which need to relax more.
• Breathe as you move. Breathe as you hold.
• Relax as you hold. The feeling of tension should subside. If it does not, back off to
where you are comfortable.
You want your stretch to be not so extreme that you cannot relax into the position within    three breaths.

Reference: Stretching by Bob Anderson

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