Arch & Flattens:

• Lie with the soles of your feet close to the buttocks, knees up.

1. As you inhale, arch your back by pressing the base of your sacrum (the bottom of           your spine) into the floor.

2. As you exhale, pull the base of your sacrum toward your feet, and draw the           abdominal muscles upward and inward from just above the pubic bone.

3. Repeat (1 & 2 above) 6 - 12 times.

• This simple pelvic movement is the foundation for all yoga postures.

Sitting Position:

• Sit on the edge of a folded blanket.
• Cross your ankles and draw your feet back towards you.
• Lift your hips and rock your pelvis forward.
• Press your sitting bones into the blanket and feel your    abdominal muscles engage.
• Lift the sternum. Let the shoulders relax and the shoulder   blades drop into the back.
• Tilt the chin up a little and then press upward through    the top of the head until the chin is approximately    parallel to the floor.
• Allow your body to breath.

Abdominal Breathing:

• The diaphragm is a sheet of muscles which divides the chest cavity and the abdominal
cavity. It moves down when you inhale and up when you exhale. Consequently,
the abdomen moves out a little as you inhale and in a little as you exhale.

Changing Positions from:

• Lying to sitting: Bring your knees to your chest, roll onto your side and walk or
roll up into a sitting position.

• Sitting to standing: Drop your head forward; then stand up. The head lifts to the
erect position last.

• If you are uncomfortable lying on your back, place a rolled blanket or pillow
under your knees. This will allow your back to relax.

No man (or woman) is great enough or wise enough
for any of us to surrender our destiny to.
The only way in which anyone can lead us
is to restore to us the belief in our own guidance.

~ Henry Miller

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